Friday, March 20, 2015

Vodoo or Midwifery?

From the beginning of time midwives have been the ones to support a woman in childbirth.  I do not mean to sound like a clanging cymbal, but I have to say,  it was politics and religion that undermined the midwife and planted the seeds of doubt in a midwife's competency and trustworthiness.  The battle has continued to rage. A woman can and is losing her right to choose her birth experience and is being coerced and undermined to the extent that she no longer believes she can bring life forth without medical intervention.  Washington Alliance For Responsible Midwifery in alignment with the Global Midwifery Council wants to educate the populous.  We want to encourage, inspire and educate women.  Remember;  It is YOUR birth ~ YOUR Choice ~ Be Empowered.

Midwives need to be allowed to do what they have been doing since the beginning of time.  Her scope of practice needs to allow her to do what she does best.  Serve woman, legally and safely.

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